About Us


What is Qi4M?

Qi4M was born in 2017, as the result of years of research in the field of financial economics, artificial intelligence and accumulated experience in asset allocation. It has grown to be a team of six, among whom are data scientists, quantitative analysts and developers that work under the mentoring of our experienced founders and investors.

What is our mission?

What makes us different?

On a daily basis we work with big amounts of data, which has become the “new gold” of the 21st century, taking full advantage of this modern commodity for improving our authentic investment products. Confronting the challenges that today’s climate in finance is creating for the industry players and learning on own mistakes, our young company is growing and getting closer to the image that our founders had in mind when establishing it.

We are dedicated to the creation of active management strategies in the equity market and development of investment technologies. Our quantitative strategists are full-time dedicated to effective application of extensive research in the fields of financial economics and machine learning. The mission we pursue is empowering the asset management chain with our innovative solutions, powered by cutting-edge computational finance. Our goal is to create new trends in the industry instead of following the existing ones.

We focus on achieving attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors through a specialization into actively managed equity long and short exposures,
providing the optimal balance of risk and reward.

Qi4M Values