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Welcome to Qi4M

Investment Strategies Powered By Robots

We analyze company data using a mix of neural network trained
on different strategy styles to construct financial instruments.




Collectively founders, investors, and developers have a very broad set of skills in theoretical finance, asset management, banking, strategic consulting, machine learning, and software development. We share an interest in understanding how information technology can contribute to opening up financial opportunities for everyone.


Our History

In 2013, we started using machine learning to replicate an asset manager’s approach to value investing. We developed an instrument for institutional investors, which performed well on the market for over three years.

Is a

Building on this experience, in late 2017 we founded Qi4M. We developed QiRobot, which uses machine learning to evaluate stocks by uncovering patterns in fundamental factors of companies traded on major global stock markets.

Using back-test data, QiRobot would consistently rank in the top quartile of asset managers over at least the past five years.

Automating security evaluation makes it possible to rapidly assess large numbers of stocks, and to construct limited cost financial instruments that include difficult to access underlying. Automation minimizes biases and conflicts of interest and increases the transparency of financial choices.